Spray Valve:

Stone Pipe spray valves are constructed of 316 series stainless steel or Brass based on the request of client. These spray valves are attached by two (2) bolt assemblies. The body and single piece stem and plug are investment cast for precision and reliability. Our spray valve produces maximum water surface, providing ideal heating of the water to be deaerated.

The valves are spring loaded and self-adjusting to assure that the water is sprayed in controlled thin films at loads form less than 10% to over 150% of rated capacity. This feature assures heating of inlet water to within 2 F of the steam temperature at all load conditions and, in addition, provides proper distribution to the second stage deaerator. The valve body and stem are held in an adjustable, spring-loaded retainer ring by a 1/2 inch stainless steel nut so the stem is never in contact with the valve body. The controlled spray pattern ensures maximum efficiency of the internal vent condenser.

The plug is parabolic in shape and rests against a spherical seat. During operation the smoothly rounded valve plug remains centered in the valve throat, much the same as a balloon supported by an air jet, and the incoming water flows uniformly into the formation of its hollow cone spray pattern.

The valves are installed in the heater so that they are easily accessible for inspection. Experience has shown that this spray valve construction is free from difficulties of scaling or corrosion. The spray valves are designed to give minimal pressure drop. Each spray valve assembly is installed using two 1/2 inch nuts that are silver-plated to prevent galling.

 Ring gaskets are made of 100% Teflon. The CL to CL bolt holes distance in our spray valves is 108mm. The pressure drop across a spray valve operating at normal design flow rate is 2 psi. We offer the spray valves in 2 type of S18N and S18A.




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