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 Level Instruments:

FMCW-Radar uses a high-frequency signal (~10 GHz) which increases in frequency linearity during the measurement (frequency sweep). The signal is emitted, reflected on the measuring surface and received time-delayed. For further signal processing the difference? Is calculated from the actual transmit frequency and the receive frequency. The difference is directly proportional to the distance i.e. a large frequency difference corresponds to a large distance and vice versa. This frequency difference is converted into a frequency spectrum using a Fourier transformation (FFT) and yields the distance to the surface. The level in turn is the difference between surface and previously determined empty tank distance.

- Replaces switches, displacers, ultrasonic meters and pressure transmitters.
- Low cabling costs.
- High accuracy and repeatability.

Level-Radar:-Non-contact level gauging using electromagnetic waves
This line comprises high-quality measuring instruments to perform a wide range of measuring tasks.

- The low-cost BM 700 is ideal for storage tanks, still wells and reference vessels.
- Supplies reliable measurements in tanks with agitators or other internals.
- This is the high-precision version with a measuring accuracy of 1 m


The first radar level measurement system with dynamic PLL frequency stabilization measuring with a system accuracy of 1 mm (0.04) and high repeatability. It can be used in storage tanks.

- Further interfaces: RS 485,PROFIBUS-PA, Field bus Foundation
- System accuracy + 1 mm (0.04), repeatability better than 0.5 mm (0.02)
- Thermal endurance up to 250C (482F)

- Measuring range up to 35 m (115 ft)


Precision Level Radar Highlights:
Redundant allege indication.
- Fully Stand Alone unit.
- Completely non-contacting to cargo and vapours.
- Closed service and cleaning of all components.
- Designed to operate in extremely arduous conditions on ships


Level Radar:

For standard applications on storage tanks, in still wells and reference vessels .
- High performance & low price
- Local display optional

- Connections for food industry available
- Various antenna types
- Measuring range upto 20 m




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