Mini Refinary :

Technology of industrial plant processing crude oil and gas condensate was invented by the joint efforts of the experts of our company. It has a registry in a patent committee in Russia and Azerbaijan and has been constructed in more than 10 locations worldwide. In economic terms, the profitability of the refineries fully reimburse the cost by the end of first operating year, but that is in case of accurate and continuous operation of the plant, well-established supply of raw materials and timely sales of the production.

Our production of oil processing installations, delivery of raw materials to plants, and international trade of petroleum production are delivered in every spots on the globe with existence of a full package of project documentation, quality and origin certificates and a third party inspections. The main economic advantage are separate production lines - possibility of replacement of processed raw materials in 8 hours, without breaking the general process of processing, thereby having given work opportunity with several various suppliers and to ensure continuous functioning of the enterprise on full capacity on raw materials. One more advantage is specially developed 5 floor metal construction compactly placing all main installations of process no matter of its total refining capacity which considerably saves the refinery territory. The basic model of refinery is equipped with the following installations: Installation of filtration of raw materials for removal of water and mechanical contaminants Installation of “atmospheric system” for processing of light/heavy crude oil or gas condensate for production of a gasoline-kerosene mix and secondary raw material. Installation of “vacuum system” for production of the diesel and fuel oil from secondary raw material.

Installation of “stripping system” for devision of gasoline-kerosene mix to finished goods (gasoline and kerosene), and diesel stabilization. Installation of complete removal of sulfur (to 0%) from light production (gasonline, kerosene and the diesel) for compliance to the standards of any country.
Installation of “leaching of kerosene system” for production of aviation fuel (the project at a completion stage, isn’t included yet in a basic complete set) Installation on production of construction and road bitumen (isn’t included in a basic set)

Project also includes:
Intermediate node for blending octane-enhancing additive. The purification technology and circulation of waste water- saves water, eliminates emissions of process water to soil. Supply of natural heat from the process for heating of raw material - saves up to 40% of the heating fuel. Technology of the natural water pools for cooling systems does not require the use of special equipment, cooling towers, saving production costs. Module of capturing of the evolved gases to supply it back into the process saves fuel, does not pollute the atmosphere. A new type of packed columns for natural irrigation - significantly increases the yield of the final product. Profound production by a method of vacuum cooling - receives up to 5 % more light oil products, and increases its quality (lightens color and lowers amount of pitches) Modern automation for simplicity in use-reduces work and number of working operations, facilitates service.



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