Silencer :

Stone Pipe created to solve you industrial noise and vibration problems. We specialize in the design and manufacture of Silencer for Vent and Fan Silencer.
We also offer a full line of filters, accessories, catalyst converters, noise enclosures, and rectangular Silencer. Whatever you industry – Petrochemical , Cement , Pulp and Paper , Mining , Oil & Gas ,Marine , construction (Residential /Commercial /Hospital ) power Generation , Blower & Fans – our engineers can deliver the optimal solution for your specific acoustical application.

Stone Pipe  is truly a company with a global vision. From Europe and Asia to South and Central America our products are used for a variety of applications. We at Stone Pipe pride ourselves on being able to provide a quality product at an affordable price to our customers no matter where in the world they may be

Global Perspective:
Today's environment is littered with many different kinds of pollution. Our goal at Stone Pipe of Ltc is to deal with one of the most dangerous and least recognized types—Noise Pollution.
Everyday we experience all types of noise pollution and pay little regard to it. What seems no more than an annoyance could be causing serious damage to our hearing, and most people don’t even recognize when they are putting themselves at risk.
Noise pollution is found everywhere—at concerts, factories, airplane runways or your teenager’s bedroom. Many people work in a hazardous environment daily and don’t even realize it. Such is the case with industrial factories. Studies have concluded that in some cases workers who have been exposed to large amounts of noise pollution for a lengthy period of time have experienced hearing problems and even early deafness by middle age.
We at Stone Pipe are dedicated to the manufacturing and supplying of products that combat noise pollution in today’s workplace.



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