Controls & Transmitter:

IP Transducer
two version in the I/Pís the 77-16 & the 773 I/P. EIL and most of the other major consultants has approved both these I/Pís. They are also appreciated by a number of End Users for their satisfactory operation.

The 773 I/P is a newer version launched in 1996. This I/P Converter employs a True Electronic Feedback. It has a number of approvals Like CENELEC, CCOE, CMRI, IP 66 protection Class approval. This I/Pís have been working in critical applications in Fertilizer, Petroleum, and Chemical industry.

-Single Loop Controller With Relays
The controller series comprises universal and freely programmable compact instruments for a variety of control tasks. It consists of five models, with the bezel sizes 96mm x 96mm, 96mmx 48mm in portrait and landscape format, 48mm x 48mm and 48mm x 24mm.
The controllers feature a clearly readable 7-segment display which, depending on the version, is 10 or 20 mm high, for process value and set point indication or for dialogs. Only three keys are needed for configuration. Parameter setting is arranged dynamically, and after two operation-free seconds the value is accepted automatically. Self-optimization, which is provided as standard, establishes the optimum controller parameters by a key stroke. The basic version also includes a ramp function with adjustable gradients. A timer function has been integrated as an extra.
All controllers can be employed as single-set point controllers with a limit comparator, or as double-set point controllers. The linearizations of the usual transducers are stored. Protection is IP65 at the front and IP20 at the back. The electrical connection is by a plug-in connector with screw terminals.

-Universal Single Loop Controller With Analog Output

This is a compact mini processor based controller with auto-tuning and fuzzy logic. With universal I/P''s freely assignable O/P it is ideal for furnace control, and single loop applications. The option of Modbus gives you a Human Machine Interface (HMI) as well.

-Universal Single Loop Controller With Profile Control

This series of universal, freely configurable process controllers is available in the formats 96mm x 96mm and 96mm x 48mm (portrait and landscape format).
The instruments feature two 4-digit 7-segment displays, five or eight LEDs for indication of the switching status and operating modes, an 8-digit matrix display, as well as six keys for operation and configuration.
The user has flexibility in assigning the slots of the controller according to the block structure.
Additional functions include self-optimization, parameter set switching, and up to eight limit comparators.
Linearizations for conventional transducers are held in the memory; a customized linearisation table can be programmed.
The process controller can be adapted to a variety of tasks with the aid of a maths module.
The instruments can be integrated into a data network via a serial interface, or can be expanded through an external relay module.
A setup program is available for easy configuration from a PC.
The electrical connection is at the rear by screw terminals.


-Universal Multi Loop Process Controller

This is a process and program controller with up to 4 controller or program channels. The instrument is built to the format 144mm x 130mm for a standard 92mmx 92mm panel cut-out and a mounting depth of 170mm.
The display is a 5" color graphics display (27 colors). The layout of the screen templates can be individually adapted and adjusted. Two freely configurable screen templates make it possible to customize the placing of texts, process values, background pictures and icons.
A maximum of 4 analog inputs and 6 logic inputs are available, as well as six expansion slots for switched or analog outputs. A setup program is available for comfortable configuration from a PC.
Linearizations for the usual transducers are stored within the instrument, four customer specific linearization tables can be programmed.
A math and logic module can be used to adapt the instrument to a very wide range of control tasks.
Two serial interfaces, RS422/485 or Profibus-DP, can be used to integrate the instrument into a data network. Modules can be retrofitted quite simply by the user.
The electrical connection is made at the rear of the instrument, via plug-in screw terminals.


-Process Automation Controller

The Process Automation Controller is a stand-alone, microprocessor-based industrial controller designed for a broad range of process applications. It can serve as a simple single-loop controller or as a multi-loop controller with complete control and logic functions for a small unit batch or continuous process. The Model 353ís fieldbus and networking options enable it to function as an integral element in a plant system.
Loops are configured for control, sequence, or logic as needed within the Model 353. Each configured loop can have a virtual operator display that is viewed locally using the LOOP button on the faceplate and is mapped to network communication for a plant operator station. Alarm management is handled using the L (Loop) & S (Station) indicator lights along with the priority assignments and flashing options of each alarm.



-Non SMART Pressure Transmitter

Pressure transmitters are used to measure the relative (gauge) and absolute pressures in liquids or gases. The measuring device for the transmitter is a piezo-resistive element or a thin-film strain gauge. The pressure is converted into an electrical signal.

-SMART Pressure Transmitters

A true smart transmitter, it is fitted with most advanced remote diagnostic tools available. It even reads process and ambient temperatures, and gives in-parallel performance in terms of stability, range ability and accuracy.
Various versions of the SITRANS P transmitter, DS III series, are available with a two-wire circuit. The output signal is a load-independent direct current of 4 to 20 mA linearly proportional to the input pressure.
Transmitters conforming to the type of protection "Intrinsic safety" and "Explosion-proof" may be installed within potentially explosive atmospheres (zone 1) or zone 0. The transmitters are provided with an EU prototype test certificate and comply with the corresponding harmonized European standards of the CENELEC.
Transmitters with the type of protection "Intrinsic safety" for use in zone 0 may be operated with power supply units of category "ia" and "ib".


-Temperature Tranmsitter with HART

The 2-wire transmitter uses resistance thermometers or thermocouples to acquire the temperature. With resistance thermometers, the probe can be connected in 2/3 or 4 wire circuit.




-Logoscreen CF Paperless Recorder
Together with its PC software components, this recorder constitutes a system for the electronic acquisition, storage, archiving and analysis of a substantial amount of data.
The recorder is internally equiped with 6 or 12 universal measurement inputs and can be expanded to a maximum of 36 inputs through the mTRON automation system. The aquired process data are saved to the internal backup memory (32 to 128 MBytes) and transfered via the Compact Flash Memory Card, which is plugged in at the front. An optional Ethernet interface provides integration into PC networks in order to allow data to be accessed via networked PC stations. The recorder can be configured from 8 keys or from a PC. Front bezel size is 144mm x 200mm, max. depth behind panel is 228mm.




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